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Walk-In Robes – The Balance Between Function And Design

No longer the exclusive domain of the rich and famous, walk-in robes are fast becoming the must-have item in homes all across Australia.

‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ is a saying dating back to the seventeenth century and it is just as relevant today – holding real meaning for anyone who likes a bit of order in their wardrobe.

Making your spaces work harder and smarter is behind the rise and rise in popularity of walk-in robes but as with all aspects of good home design, it’s about finding that perfect balance between function and form. 

If you’re considering upgrading your closet to a classy boudoir or planning on building your new dream home with your very own designer dressing room, here are a couple of things about walk-in robes that we’d like to share with you.

If you’ve got the space, consider a comfy ottoman or another type of seating. This can double up as a handy place to sit when putting on shoes, a lay-out area for planning that perfect outfit or even a tabletop for a tea tray or cheeky glass of bubbles before a big night out! Built-in seating is another popular option with storage space beneath it.

When it comes to the layout of your wardrobe, planning is everything. 

They say that true luxury is comfort, so whilst your walk-in robe may look like it belongs in Hollywood, you need to plan carefully to make sure it works with Swiss precision. Clothes should be easily accessible, with plenty of smart storage for shoes, belts, scarves, jewellery and other accessories.

Decide whether you want to conceal or reveal your clothing i.e. do you want open shelving and hanging space or do you want to hide everything behind cabinet fronts? Some people choose glass-fronted cabinets and drawers which combine a touch of sophistication with time-saving visibility but remember, this may not be the best option if your cupboards tend to be a bit chaotic!

We’re buying more clothes and shoes than ever before, so a walk-in robe gives us space to store our stuff in an organised way. Some people even go so far as to colour-code their clothes, which probably saves valuable minutes –and keeps the blood pressure down – when hunting for a particular item that you know is in there somewhere!

Specialised storage is another consideration for efficient walk-in robes. From drawers with glass tops for storing and displaying ties or bottles of aftershave to custom-designed jewellery trays with soft velvet inserts and pull-out shoe racks, there’s so much that you can do to achieve a beautiful fusion of style and storage.

Of course, even the most elaborate space needs good basics. Lighting, accessibility, power points and of course, a full-length mirror are absolute musts in the pursuit of wardrobe wonderland. If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated beauty station in your walk-in robe, don’t forget to focus on great lighting for a flawless finish. 

LED strip lighting, backlit panels, charging stations, a concealed TV and even a pull-out ironing board or steamer for a last-minute spruce up are just some of the other extras you may want to consider.

No longer indulgent luxuries or the stuff of dreams, walk-in robes have become essential features in every modern home. We know that your space is as unique as you are, but as we’ve learnt over years of experience in custom-designing homes in Perth, the trick to a fabulously functional walk-in robe is to get a perfect balance between what it looks like and how well it works.

To see one of our statement ‘his and hers’ walk-in robes in person, drop by our newest display home – The Sawyer – in Salter Point.

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