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Hamptons Homes: Popular in Perth

When you hear the word ‘Hamptons’ you likely think of the beautiful beachside location that’s a summer playground for New York’s wealthy elite. However, the most prominent image to spring to mind is undoubtedly the architecture. Born from humble farming origins, the group of villages known collectively as ‘the Hamptons’ saw an upsurge in popularity as a coastal getaway in the late nineteenth century. In 1893, The New York Times reported:
“The beautiful villages clustering around old Southampton…combine to make as close an approach to Eden as can be found in a long journey…Well-bred men and women find a congenial atmosphere, refined attractions in plenty, and innumerable charms about these quaint old villages.”
As the status of the area grew, so did the size and craftsmanship of the houses, which embraced the existing character of the town on a larger, more luxurious scale to create the iconic Hamptons look so popular today.

What makes a Hamptons home?
Homes inspired by the Hamptons style have become popular worldwide and with its coastal lifestyle, Perth is no different. There are a number of elements that typically appear in Hamptons style houses. Externally, there will be triangular roofs and contrasting white trim, columns or timber balustrades, which stand out from the rest of the house. Traditional Hamptons homes used materials that could withstand the harsher coastal conditions, including timber weatherboards and shingled roofs. Modern interpretations of this style often utilise low-maintenance weatherboard style cladding, broken up with brick or stone to create a textured, slightly rustic appearance. As Hamptons homes were usually holiday residences, they were designed with summer entertaining in mind and commonly featured verandahs to make use of the fine weather, so this is often a feature in Hamptons style homes. Large windows with white frames are also a staple, often in the French style or ox-eye to let in maximum light.

Light and airy interiors are another hallmark, so ceilings tend to be high and the rooms laid out in a free-flowing manner, grounded by pale timber floors. Soft neutrals make up the colour palette, including cream, white, dove grey, and duck egg and grey blues, offset with a little charcoal and navy. The result is a bit nautical; fresh and bright, never dull. The furnishings are all about natural materials and layered textures, with linen, throw rugs and cushions adding a comfort factor. Shaker style cabinetry is popular in the kitchens and bathrooms, with aged or antique-look handles, fixtures and light fittings giving a nod to the historical character of the original Hamptons homes. Relaxing yet sophisticated, classic but not old-fashioned, the right interior design choices can create the finishing touches that bring the whole home together.

Why they work in Perth
The Hamptons aesthetic is a timeless one, pairing grace and elegance with a relaxed coastal vibe. This results in a beautiful home that is also comfortable, inviting and very livable. Given Perth’s coastal lifestyle and sunny climate, it should come as no surprise that this East Coast style translates so effortlessly to Australia’s West Coast. Hamptons inspired homes have enjoyed popularity in Perth for a while now, and their appeal only seems to be increasing. Does this sound like your ideal style of new custom built home? Get in contact with Coast Homes, your custom builders in Perth, to discuss your ideas and how we can introduce some Hamptons elements into your custom home build.

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