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Custom Homes

Finding the perfect home design is not always easy. After trawling through countless websites, display homes and magazines, it can feel as though nobody has the right design to suit you or your style. You may like some elements of a home design – the kitchen or the décor, a bathroom or bedroom detail – but it still doesn’t tick all the boxes.

This is where a custom built home is the only way to go and why our boutique builders in Perth are the perfect choice. It may start with a simple pencil sketch on the back of a napkin or beer coaster. A few random lines that begin to shape your thoughts and ideas. This creative process is something we ‘get’ at Coast Homes. We love working with our clients to take those expressions, capture them, work with them, and interpret ideas into a totally unique custom built home for you. A home that expresses your individual style and says something about who you are and how you like to live.

At Coast Homes, our skilful designers, architects, boutique builders and consultants have years of experience in delivering amazing homes of all shapes and sizes, for all budgets and tastes. As builders, we understand building costs and how design impacts on budget, and this knowledge translates into fantastic and affordable creative outcomes.

Start your custom home journey today. Send us your scribbles, your notes, your photos, and your ideas, and let’s work together to bring them to life and fulfil the dream of designing and building your own creation. It will be an exciting and rewarding journey that we would love to be a part of.

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