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Floreat Home Designs Making A Comeback

Classics are making a comeback in every sphere of our lives – from fashion, furniture and food to art and architecture – so it’s no wonder that one of Perth’s older suburbs, Floreat, is the source of inspiration for several of Coast Homes’ new single storey home designs.

Following the first suburban development in Floreat way back in 1913, the area underwent rapid growth during the 1950s and 60s, which coincided with the staging of the 1962 Commonwealth Games at Perry Lakes stadium (now demolished and re-developed as a premium housing site). Single storey homes with skillion or low-pitched roofs and linear facades abounded – and it’s that postmodern home design that is making a comeback, albeit with a fresh interpretation and enhanced liveability to suit our modern lifestyles.

One of the main reasons for the renaissance of these classics is their suitability for larger blocks – a feature of Floreat that has contributed to its standing as one of Perth’s most desirable addresses. Take the Kirkdale for example, one of our brand-new single storey designs, which has been specifically designed for a 20 m wide block, a size typically found in Floreat.

This design is inspired by the classic architectural styles seen throughout Perth’s western suburbs and is designed for relaxed family living around a central al fresco area. The design takes the use of natural light, ventilation and the connection between the indoors and the outdoors to a whole new level, providing several private sanctuaries around a cohesive central open-plan kitchen, dining and living area.

Any good home designer knows the importance of using the property’s orientation to optimise natural light for aesthetic as well as sustainability purposes, so this particular design has been cleverly planned for blocks with a northern boundary.

Even though it is a single storey design, there has been no compromise on accommodation or space. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office, separate laundry and two separate living/activity areas make this a very spacious family home – and with the master suite at the front of the house and three more bedrooms at the opposite end, it enables privacy and separation for everyone.

In fact, single storey homes are becoming increasingly popular, and not only among the empty nesters looking to downsize. Even large families are keen on these lower-maintenance and more environmentally friendly designs which are no less attractive or functional than their two-storey counterparts and are turning to experienced custom home builders to create unique and very liveable homes. This is why we’re seeing a renaissance in postmodern Floreat home design – because the principle that a building’s form should be integral to its beauty and its materials remains as true today as in decades gone by.

Given the renaissance of Floreat home designs, it’s hardly surprising to find that the suburb’s name is Latin for ‘flourish’ or ‘prosper’. In fact, the word ‘Floreat’ features on the City of Perth’s crest and the suburb took its name from this motto.

So, if you think that a Floreat house design is a place where you and your family can flourish and prosper and if the concept of a classic home reinvented to combine the best of the old with the best of the new appeals, then you should talk us at Coast Homes.

We bring an experienced and passionate team of designers, architects, boutique home builders and consultants to every one of our custom built homes, and we work closely with clients every step of the way to translate their unique vision into their dream home. To find out more about our designs and personalised customer service, give us a call on 08 6241 6777 or take a wander through the rest of our site and see why we have such a strong reputation for quality and style.

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