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Black is the new black

Pssst…want to know the hottest colour trend for interior design and decor?

It’s black, and it’s showing its glamorous face everywhere.

Of course, black never really went out of fashion, but it is right back on top as a stylish choice for both classic and contemporary home decor and interiors.

This was very evident at Maison & Objet trade fair in Paris (a huge event held twice a year which attracts over 3,000 exhibitors showcasing the latest in international homewares, furniture, accessories and lighting and which is the global benchmark for revealing where trends are headed) where black was BIG!

Black framed art was everywhere, as were tribal and geometric patterns and striking combinations of black and white. The Back to Black trend even inspired the well-known US designer, Jonathan Adler to swap his usually colourful palette for a striking monochrome display of black and white graphic patterns with only scarlet lip prints adding vibrant pops of colour.

Because black goes with everything – it’s being used everywhere.

Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and entertainment areas, al frescos, gardens and even exteriors, this hot hue is making its presence felt in every corner of the home. Some are using it on a large scale (for example on feature walls, ceilings or staircases or as high-gloss lacquered cabinetry or statement flooring), whilst others are choosing more subtle touches like black picture frames, light fittings in minimalist shapes and dark decorative elements.

Black gives an interior a classy edge that’s right on trend. It’s versatile and works fabulously well in all styles of home, from laid-back Hamptons to contemporary chic, modern minimalism and everything in between, but it’s a powerful colour and it makes a strong statement, so it needs a skilled eye to keep things in perspective.

We also know that your home is as unique as you are, so you probably don’t want to be blindly following trends but rather finding a look that you love and incorporating up-to-date elements in your interiors that suit your special style.

Our professional in-house Coast Homes interior designer has a few tips when working with this Back to Black trend to help you get the look you’ll love.

Anything set against black will ‘pop’ so it can be the perfect palette for off-setting your favourite things and allowing other decor elements to take centre stage. However, although black is striking and sophisticated when it’s done right, it can be heavy and dull when it’s done badly or overdone, so restraint is important!

You can pair it with natural textures and organics like wood, coral and stone, offset your whites, blush pinks and soft pastels with black embellishments for a modern, luxe look or use it as springboard for earthy greens – think lush potted plants in black, ceramic containers or a vibrant hedge set against an inky fence or wall.

And yes, whilst we’re drawn to bright interiors and we’ll always design our homes to make the best use of a block’s orientation and to incorporate as much natural light as possible, we can still use black without compromising these airy interiors.

Have a look at what the trendsetters are doing with black and how it’s being used in many different ways. You’ll see black walls, black floors, black cupboards, black artwork, black chandeliers, black window frames and doors, black cabinets and black accents. You’ll see patterns and stripes. You’ll see drama, sophistication, simplicity and pared-back elegance. You’ll also notice how black is used to ‘ground’ very light interiors, with black accents and decorative accessories (like picture frames and lamp bases) carefully placed to add depth and interest.

The trend is for every room in the home to be enhanced and accessorised with this bold hue, but whether you choose to make a big, edgy statement or choose to introduce this inky hue in more subtle ways – simplicity is crucial in nailing the look.

Why not pop into one of our recently completed display homes in Perth for some interior design inspiration for your own home? We’re sure you’ll find much to love in our expertly designed custom-built homes, so please come along and see how colours and textures come to life in the most extraordinary way. We’d love to meet you!

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