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Bathroom Trends

Ah, the bathroom. It’s one of the smallest rooms in the home but it’s also one of the busiest and most important – which explains why more and more Australians are transforming what were previously designed to be ‘wash and go’ spaces into ‘stay and play’ ones where indulgence and luxury intersect beautifully with convenience and performance.

The bathroom has become a relaxing sanctuary where we can escape the daily grind and soothe and rejuvenate our minds, bodies and souls. But it’s also there to serve very functional purposes.

As one of the leading boutique home builders in Perth, we keep abreast of all the latest decor and design developments so that we can continue to bring a mix of experience and innovation to all of our projects. We’ve had a peek at what’s new in bathroom trends and there’s one thing for certain – the modern bathroom reflects our growing desire for fabulously functional show-stoppers!

Here’s a quick look at what we found.

High-tech harmony. Technology is a strong trend for this year’s bathrooms, with plenty of innovative ideas to make life easier – and more fun! Things to look out for include taps that turn on automatically, electronically controlled water temperatures, under-counter fridges for medicines or organic products (or perhaps a glass of chilled bubbles while you soak in your spa!), wireless music and TV systems and motion-sensor lighting.

Thin is in. Minimalist profiles will be big news this year. You can expect to see fine edges on vanities and baths, skinny window frames, thin profile handles and tapware and even slimline wall cabinets, all of which create a sense of space and lightness. We’re going to continue our love affair with standalone basins and baths, but the rims just won’t be as chunky as before.

Pattern perfection. Eye-catching patterns and eclectic shapes in both complementary and contrasting colours will continue to feature this year with hexagons, chevrons, herringbone, honeycomb and Mediterranean, oriental and Moroccan patterns making a stylish statement on floors, walls, splashbacks, showers and bathroom counters.

Colour code. Calm, subtle neutrals and organic greens, blues and browns will still be the hues of choice this year but colour is making a comeback. Leafy greens are also taking centre stage to add a soft edge to bathroom interiors with potted plants a ‘must-have’ in every beautiful bathroom. Dramatic accents like colour-coded cabinetry, matte black plumbing fixtures and highly textured featured walls are also becoming big news.

Sensational showers. Showers are still large and luxurious (with plenty of space for two) but have minimal fixtures so as to keep clutter to a minimum. Rainfall showerheads will continue to be popular, providing a cascading fall of water which refreshes and relaxes, whilst swing doors are taking favour over sliding doors (with some people even opting to do away with shower screens altogether). We’re also seeing greater use of large format tiles in the shower – even right up to ceiling height – as another excellent way of creating a sense of space and openness.

Va-va vanities. We’ve designed thousands of bathrooms over many decades in the home-building business, and we know how important it is to get things right. Your time is valuable so the space has to work beautifully for you – and that’s why we’re not surprised to see that the ‘his and hers’ trend for vanities is continuing to strengthen. A double vanity allows harmonious togetherness rather than a chaotic clamour for a cluttered single basin – so it’s no wonder modern bathrooms continue to embrace this trend.

Industrial is out. The edgy, utilitarian look is giving way to a softer, organic feel which is more relaxing and indulgent.

We’ve certainly found that the current bathroom trends point to a growing desire to make bathrooms look, feel and function like personal sanctuaries. There’s a strong emphasis on creating space, decluttering, marrying form with function and crafting interiors that nurture our spirits and if you’re interested in having a look at how our professional designers have brought these trends to life, you should pop into one of our display homes in Perth.

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