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Coast Homes Information Session

Expert design tips for creating a bespoke home within budget

Have you ever walked through a display home that really resonated with you or visited a friend's stunning new build and been inspired to design your own home? Or, while...

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Coast Homes Information Session

Finding and selecting the right building block

Start your search for a building block armed with knowledge around potential issues, probable costs and an understanding of how different types of homes fit on different block layouts. Over...
Coast Homes Information Session

How to set and stick to your building budget

In our experience, the most common worry for those considering the home building process is the fear of blowing the budget. We've therefore made it the focus of our popular...
Coast Homes Information Session

Designing a solar passive & sustainable home

Many Perth homeowners currently live in homes that work against our climate rather than with it. These homes are too hot or too cold, waste energy and are expensive to...
Coast Homes Information Session

Designing a home within budget on a sloping block

Building a home on a sloping site can be a risky challenge some may not desire to undertake but, in our opinion, it opens up a number of really interesting...
Coast Homes Information Session

All You Need to Know About Subdividing & Building a New Home

Interested in capitalising on your block size by subdividing? If you own a large block, you may have the potential to subdivide and reinvest the profits from the sale of...

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